Work Groups/ Volunteer

Now that we’ve made the plan and the implementation table of projects,  it’s time to start the projects! We are actively seeking people with expertise in various areas, or folks who want to become more involved in volunteer work to help with implementing the various projects outlined in the CPM Implementation table. Some of these projects are short term and some of them are long, but with out other community members like YOU, this work cannot be accomplished! Give a little time and and gain a lot for you and for the future of Highway 137.

Whether you would like to volunteer your time, help spearhead a project, have wisdom or experience to help guide us, if you’d like to share knowledge and teach workshops or get out on the road for informative bike rides or walks, or if you are a  dirt touching, invasive-ripping excitement for hands on projects, the Red Road Scenic Byway needs you!

For additional info or to volunteer to share your talent or skill, email

Below is a list of workgroups and areas to volunteer, some skills and projects can overlap, and you don’t need to volunteer for everything in the various groups! Pick what you’re good at, or would like to explore. Click on the image to enlarge.

Work Groups