National Parks Rivers and Trails Grant



Red Road Scenic Byway

to receive support from the National Park Service

Kapono Red Road with its grant partners Kua O Ka La charter school, Kalani Honua, and E Mau Na Ala Hele are pleased to announce the award of a technical assistance grant from the National Park Services’ Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA) in support of HWY 137 Red Road Scenic Byway.

In 2013, HWY 137 the Red Road was awarded Hawaii Scenic Byway status recognizing the area’s unique qualities and significant sites and the community’s desire to preserve and protect these sites and to create and enhance safe experiences for residents and visitors alike.

The assistance grant will help establish an on-going stewardship program providing educational activities and site monitoring.  Activities will include cultural, historical and ecological walks, snorkeling trips and sustainability workshops centered in the ahupua’a of the area.  Special emphasis will be given to the planning and leadership role of students and  site-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics skills.

The RTCA program will also assist in finding ways to maintain multi-use activity on the Red Road despite the prospect of more east-west traffic if HWY 130 is closed.  The community is determined to protect the environment while maintaining the rural quality of the road.  Ideas include safety recommendations for the road, creating safe ‘stopping points’ and a  bike/walkway that respects traditional access, and preserves remnants of the ancient Ala Kai trail.  Also planned is a coordinated ‘Share the Road’ campaign and health and wellness bicycle and walking events with special attention to youth, retirees, and those with special needs.

Finally, the RTCA will facilitate long-term planning of projects to continue to meet scenic byway goals and objectives.