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Aloha all!

We have merged the KAPONO site here on the  the Red Road Scenic Byway site,

Contact us at: info@kapono.org

KAPONO is a 501 C-3 community-directed organization that welcomes community  members from Kaimu to Kapoho to join together for the protection and enhancement of the health, heritage, and safety of our communities: our homes, our ‘ohana, and our lifestyles.

Community togetherness focused on:

Safety and Wellness

Connecting Community

Preserving Nature and and Cultural Resources

Quality of Life Improvements

KAPONO’S educational, charitable and scientific purpose is to coordinate the efforts of HWY 137 – The Red Road community members to solve common problems, protect and preserve the environment and historical artifacts, enhance quality of life, celebrate our heritage as a community, and address safety concerns by:

·       Gathering and sharing information through educational activities such as meetings, community surveys, a web site,  emails and other media;

·       Supporting the implementation of the Puna Community Development Plan as it pertains to the Red Road Area;

·       Sponsoring the Hwy 137 Red Road Scenic Byway; and

·       Celebrating and supporting community and individual initiatives in support of its mission.

Collaborating with Kua O Ka La PCS in creating a student environmental kinship/stewawardship program and supporting the development of a stewardship curriculum with community applications.

Past / Ongoing Projects include:


BYWAY  surveys- 2014 / 2015

1/4 ly Red Road clean up  since 2013

Illuminati/Kalani  2015

Kalani- Movie Night 2014

Pahoa annual Xmas Parade 2013-2015 (award winner 2015)

Projected stewardship of local areas (this could be great!!!)

Food forest development- funding/locations/

Further discussion on town centers

A ‘ohe hana nui ke alu i’ia – No task is too big when done together by all.